Monday, April 11, 2016

Beginning Recorders on E

Today I want to talk about RECORDERS and the new "program" I've been following. Freebies to follow.  For over 20 years, I have taught recorders beginning on B and then moving on the A and G. This year I embraced the idea of starting on E and adding G. I LOVE IT!!!

First I purchased Claire Burns' "Recorders Rock" A Beginning Recorder Method on TpT  . Claire begins on low E and G. I had heard of this starting place before but had no idea where to begin.

Here's what I did:  

1. we learned songs about the notes on the staff    

2. we talked about  the recorder - breath, covering holes completely, tonguing (a little bit)

3. we discussed how to correct "squeaks"

4. we worked through the first song "John the Rabbit" combining singing and playing only E

5. we learned new G and did the same for "Rico's Pizza" and "Cuckoo" singing and playing

6. we learned a song in which the entire melody could be played on the recorder - "Pease Porridge Hot"

7. we added a new note A and learned "Apple Tree"

8. we learned another song using E, G and A - "Hammer Ring". This was a substituted song instead of Claire Burns' choice of "Rain Rain". We sang "Hammer Ring" earlier in the year and I thought it made sense to use it now.

9. we added another new note B and learned "Hot Cross Buns"

Click here to get FREE copies of my PDF's of the songs.

If you are using "BELTS" similar to Recorder Karate by Plank Road Publishing, here is the Claire Burns/ Harmony in the Hood list.

Pease Porridge Hot = Red

Apple Tree = Orange

Hammer Ring = Yellow

Hot Cross Buns = Green

Merrily We Roll Along = Blue          

Old MacDonald = Purple

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