My mother used to tell the story of me toddling over next door to serenade the neighbors with Old MacDonald and the like. I was 18 months old. Apparently I knew at a young age that I was meant to make music.
As an elementary student, I begged my parents for piano lessons for years until the opportunity arose to take them at school. I loved playing and practicing and pretty much drove my family nuts as the piano was in the same room as the television - who's poor planning was that?!? I would race to the piano during commercials to play a song but had to literally TEAR myself away once the show came back on - usually spilling over into a beloved tv show and annoying my siblings to no end!
I got a guitar one Christmas and started lessons from a neighbor up the street - learning from The Joan Baez Songbook. I LOVED it!! I sang and played to my heart's content - even serenading my family on long vacation trips from the back of the family station wagon. By that time I had moved up to Carole King's Tapestry album songbook.
Once I hit middle school (or Junior High as it was called back then), the band teacher asked me to play the French Horn. I'm embarrassed to say I wasn’t sure what that was. But I played it for years - all the way through college. I was NEVER good but apparently horn players are hard to find so... I was in many ensembles. What a wonderful experience to play in orchestras and bands as well as small quintets! Everyone should be that lucky!
I have always known that in my heart, I was a teacher. From a young age, I was playing school in the basement using an old school desk and stuffed animals (and once in a while I “taught” my younger brother-what a good sport!). So it seemed a natural choice to pursue a degree in Music Education.
After a few starts and stops throughout college, I finally became a music teacher. And I loved it! Not every day mind you but if you asked me about what I did (and what I still do), I would say I have the best job in the world. 


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